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K-12 Tutoring (30 hours of tutoring)

K-12 Tutoring (30 hours of tutoring)

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Top Rated Professional K-12 30 hours of tutoring in any subject(s) and/or tests.

Helping students bring their A-game!

Getting ahead or back on track doesn’t have to be a chore. Our tutors personalize each learning session so your child gets the exact help they need in a way that engages and makes sense to them. Find extra help to master academic skills, stay on track for graduation, and find the confidence to tackle schoolwork head-on!

Online Tutoring from an Education Leader

Don’t settle for just anyone; select a highly qualified tutor certified to teach the subjects they love!


Certified Teachers


Personalized Learning


Easy-to-Use Technology


Easy Communication


A Variety of Subjects for Middle & High School Students

Our tutors can support the class subjects you are looking for, including math, science, English, social studies, and world languages. Whether your child is in 7th grade or about to graduate, Stride Tutoring can provide the proper support.


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Social Studies

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World Languages

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How does online tutoring work?

We create strong connections between tutors and students in a flexible, convenient way. Our simple platform helps students quickly and easily find a qualified tutor and build a plan to meet their academic goals. 


Med Residency Tutors on-demand tutoring meets ESSA Level II standards, demonstrating positive impacts on student grades and attendance.

Introducing High-Dosage Tutoring

High-frequency, high-impact tutoring is a data-supported method of helping students make significant, measurable academic gains.

An icon of a target with a pencil on it, symbolizing the goal of writing or editing.

Design principles from the Annenberg Institute at Brown University

A line drawing of 3 blank squares and 1 green square between them with black arrows pointing to the top right, symbolizing movement or direction.
3+ times/week

Consistent, relational tutoring for groups of 2–4 students

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Accelerated learning

High-quality intensive instruction with regular assessments and feedback

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paul K.
Expert Guidance That Fosters Growth

Enlisting the help of Med Residency Tutors was one of the best decisions I made for my medical education. Their tutors are not only experts in their field but also skilled educators who understand the unique challenges faced by medical students. With their guidance, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and develop targeted strategies for improvement. The personalized attention I received gave me the confidence to tackle even the most daunting subjects, and I am thrilled with the progress I've made.

Jonathan Cooper
Transformative Support for Medical Students

Med Residency Tutors exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Their tutors not only possess deep knowledge of medical subjects but also have a unique ability to connect with students on a personal level. Through their guidance, I gained a deeper understanding of complex topics and developed valuable study skills that will serve me well throughout my career. I cannot thank them enough for their unwavering support and dedication to my success.

Mark E.
Tailored Learning That Fits Your Schedule

One of the standout features of Med Residency Tutors is their flexibility and commitment to accommodating busy schedules. Despite the demands of my medical residency, they worked with me to create a customized study plan that fit seamlessly into my routine. The ability to receive personalized attention at convenient times made all the difference in my ability to succeed. I am thrilled with the results and credit much of my progress to their exceptional tutors.

Steven L.
A Lifeline During Challenging Times

During the toughest moments of my medical residency, Med Residency Tutors became my lifeline. Their tutors went above and beyond to ensure I had the support and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of my studies. Their dedication to creating personalized study plans kept me on track and motivated, leading to significant improvements in my understanding and retention of key concepts. I am incredibly grateful for their assistance and highly recommend their services to anyone in need.

Personalized Guidance That Made All the Difference!

I cannot stress enough how much my experience with Med Residency Tutors transformed my approach to studying. The personalized attention I received helped me identify and overcome my weaknesses, ultimately boosting my confidence and performance. With customized study plans tailored to my needs, I felt supported every step of the way. Thanks to their expert guidance, I achieved my medical education goals and am now on the path to a successful career.